Els De Ruysser was born and raised in Belgium.

She founded Alma Pura to help people love, heal and find their true self.
In June 2013 she obtained her VTCT level 3 certificate in Reflexology at the City College of Brighton and Hove.
Els specialised in Oncology Reflexology, studying at the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine.
She has been a qualified Transformation Coach since 2003, using the powerful Script-Ash-Method of SAM, designed by Belgian, Ria Mattheussen in 1990. 

Els's way of working combines all the in depth training and helps her to add an extra dimension to the sessions she gives, giving you a more profound healing experience.

Els has positively impacted the lives of clients' with issues ranging from the physical to the emotional, the mental and the spirit.

Services with Els

Customer Testimonials

"I saw Els for Reflexology to help me to relax and to help with pain relief after and operation on my knee.   As she worked on my feet, I could feel the connection to my painful knee - it was like I had these soothing tingles all over my knee and I could no longer feel the pain.  I felt a relaxing lightness and for one hour, laying on that couch, I felt like I was on another planet.  It was amazing!"

A happy customer