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S-A-M - Script Ash Method

Do you feel that there is something stopping you reaching you full potential?

S-A-M or Script Ash Method Life Coaching helps to realise and deal with emotional negativity that can sometimes hold us back for experiencing life to its full.

Sometimes this emotional feeling can connect to the physical well being and manifest itself in ongoing health problems.

This is a truly wonderful, insightful therapy.  A seven step programme that will take you on a journey, using paper and crayons and mindful questioning to help you get to the bottom of what is holding you back.  The therapy is carefully designed to help you connect to deeper emotions.  It will help you to understand and gain insight into those feelings and give you the tools to deal with them and allow you to move on.

Els De Ruysser is a fully qualified SAM therapist.  Els studied in Belgium under SAM founder Ria Matteusen.

SAM Therapy workshops are also available.

For more information please contact Els at the Monarchs Way Clinic (see contact page for contact info)