What's New?  September 2020

We have been busy catching up with existing clinic patients and happily welcoming new patients to the clinic.

Our children are back at school and this means we are now able to extend our hours and are making more appointment slots available.  

Therapists will be wearing face masks.  If you are able to wear a face mask then we would prefer you to do so, however we recognise hidden disabilties and respect choice.   If you would like to wear a face mask but forget to bring yours - we have face masks here that you can use.

The clinic has a  HEPA/Ionic Air Purifier.   This traps particles as small as 0.3 microns.  Whilst Covid19 is less than 0.3 microns, the aerosol particles in which they are carried (breathing, sneezing, coughing etc.) are much larger and will therefore be trapped by the filter.   The air purifier is small but very effective and not obtrusive in any way.

In the clinic there are boxes of tissues for catching sneezes - being up here in the Village, among the trees, it is inevitable that now and again, we will sneeze.  There are pedal bins for used tissues, which will be emptied and sanitized at the end of every working day.

There are pump dispenser hand sanitizing gels in every area of the clinic. 

We can provide fresh carbon filtered drinking water and glassware (cleaned and steam dried in a dishwasher).  If however,  you would prefer to bring your own bottled water, that is perfectly fine.

In the toilet, we use single use hand towels for hand drying and a small basket for used towels.  The towels will be removed for washing at the end of every working day.  They will be washed at high temperature (over 60 degrees) using laundry detergent and Dettol disinfecting detergent.  This is more eco friendly than using one use, disposable, paper towels.
As well as sanitizing hand wash, there is also hand sanitizing gel.

Clean fresh towels are used for every patient.  When they are removed for washing, they are washed at temperatures above 60 degrees (in line with advice for killing Covid19), with laundry detergent with added Dettol laundry sanitiser.   They are then tumbled dried at high temperature and returned to storage within the clinic.   The toweling therapy couch covers will be removed and washed in the same way at the end of every working day.  The paper protective covering over the treatment couch is changed after each patient - This is usual practice.

There will be a 15 minute space between appointments so that there should be no patient crossover and to enable us to follow the clinic's Covid19 Contact Point cleaning schedule -   disinfecting all patient contact points between appointments. 

There is a hand sanitizing gel at the entry/exit point to the clinic -

I hope that these necessary precautions put in place to help keep us healthy, do not detract from your experience of visiting the clinic.

If you have any additional suggestions that you feel would help make you that little bit more comfortable, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Each of us will adapt to this new way of doing things in our own time.    Our main concern is that all of you stay healthy and feel comfortable visiting the clinic.

Kelly Dean